Discover and respond to needs for the emotional welfare, health, and total wellbeing of our project partners. Plans are in place for both a new home heating/cooking system and water heating using local skills and materials.


Quality of life is measured in more ways than dollars. A family can advance economically but still face domestic obstacles. Until the entire situation is addressed, the family is still in need. Perhaps the barrier to involvement in a project is rooted in low self-esteem, a sick family member, or high debt. 'Wellness' seeks to enable each family to experience better quality of life on all levels.

Blue Sparrow maintains a close relationship with our partner communities. Over time, we interact with nearly every family. Even so, we want our impact to grow beyond the school and field into a fully integrated model. 'Wellness' brings a totality to our vision, allowing us to understand individual circumstances and make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate in all Blue Sparrow projects. Where a need isn't met by a current project, we can pioneer miniprojects to test and refine new ideas.

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Russian stoves Nighttime temperatures in the Andes fall below freezing year-round, making sleeping uncomfortable and causing illness. Firewood is available, but more often used for cooking than for heat. Russian stoves solve both problems. Heat is trapped for both cooking and domestic heat, at over 90% efficiency. By comparison, an open flame is only 15% efficient at heating a room. Stoves are built from low-cost bricks and mortar, and can be assembled by local tradesmen.

Russian stoves trap and channel rising smoke, absorbing the heat energy into the surrounding bricks before it escapes into the air. The bricks will release heat long after the fire goes out, so the family enjoys consistent warmth throughout the night.




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