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blue sparrow

september news

Hi volunteers!

You're probably gearing up for a new year of school about this time--and we're starting some great new things here in Peru as well.

First of all, Wasiymi Wasiki is now Blue Sparrow. This comes as we register in the US as a 501(c)(3) charity. We're the same dedicated team, but now we'll have access to more grants, funding, and opportunities to grow. Our website is now Please update your contact information and bookmarks!

This year, we're opening up new programs to complement our existing projects. Here in the Andes, farming and agriculture are very intimately linked to school, work, and the family's personal relationships. Recognizing this, we are piloting an agriculture support program called HectareMax and a microloan program for families raising small animals. In addition to gains in their annual harvest, animal raising also creates a more stable monthly income for families. There's more at Projects.

There are still ways to support Blue Sparrow from home. Our new Facebook page is up! Post your photos and tag us @Blue Sparrow. We try to ask everyone for permission to use their photos--if we missed you and you'd like us to remove your pictures, drop us a line. We've also got a new system for you to track the areas where we need help. Try giving us an hour a week. Right now we're trying to spread the word about our name change and attract more volunteers and donors. You can check out all our current needs at

What was your favorite part of volunteering? Many volunteers say it's their host family. Likewise, as we revisit host families they often ask about their 'hijos'. We'd be happy to pass along a note or photo. It's now possible to sponsor your host family. You could help to build an improved cookstove, install passive solar heating, or simply donate for a trip to the market. Staying in contact extends your impact and also reminds the family of their impact on you. Check it out--Support.

Whether you're in school or working, you each have a significant network around you. Consider your resources and try hosting a fundraising event. Set a tangible goal using the guidelines from our Support page. It doesn't have to be huge: $200 (Ten people giving $20) can fund a new entrepreneur's loan. The combined impact of our volunteers is substantial. A handful of events could fund a student's first year of university, or the next computer lab!

Matt Jeppesen and Serei Thickson
Blue Sparrow Volunteering